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Image shown for illustration purpose only. Actual design may vary

Image by PACE Design

Image by PACE Design


the vision

Memorial Market Place

Welcome to the Memorial Market Place! Soon to be the gastronomic, artistic and cultural hub of the Bay of Quinte region. The Memorial Market Place will be more than a place selling local goods. It will be a treasured community meeting place where you can celebrate the seasons, catch up on the latest news, trade tips and recipes, eat and drink, and return home a trove of gourmet treasures.

The Memorial Market will be known for its diversity of shopkeepers who offer unique, high quality, seasonal and fresh products as well as its restauranteurs who will offer delectable and innovative food and drink which are sure to satisfy your appetite when you visit.


Whether you are a locavore or on the hunt for gastronomic treasure, you will find high quality, seasonal and fresh produce every day from local growers and producers. There will be something for every occasion and every taste. It will be a place to celebrate every time of year.

Image shown for illustration purpose only. Actual design may vary

Image by PACE Design



The Market Place has teamed up with renowned local designer John Smale of PACE Design to create an exciting and unique design that will establish the Memorial Market Place as the pre-eminent market in Eastern Ontario while paying tribute to the glorious history of the Memorial Arena. Upon entering the market place, visitors will be welcomed by the grand concourse that will extend the entire length of the market. There will be 11 vendor stalls on one side and 3 restaurants on the other. All of the spaces will be open to the concourse to promote pedestrian interaction and a true market feel.


Image shown for illustration purpose only. Actual design may vary


Market Atmosphere

Ground Floor Space

The expression “Get in on the Ground Floor” of an exciting new opportunity has never been more relevant than the Memorial Market Place.  This is a once in a lifetime experience to become a founding merchant in the market while having an opportunity to transform your business to the next level.

We are looking for experienced and enthusiastic producers and merchants who offer high quality, seasonal and fresh products and shopkeepers who offer fresh, refined and original merchandise.

Image shown for illustration purpose only. Actual design may vary


Site Plan

The Memorial Market Place will offer ample parking to customers making each visit a convenient stop.  State of the art loading and garbage facilities will ensure smooth operations for the merchants. Curbside pick up will be available for customers along the Pinnacle Street entrance. South facing patio space will offer a lively street presence during the summer months. Additional municipal parking is expected to be made available east of the market on Pinnacle Street. 

Memorial Market Outside.png
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